Just 1 minute is all you need!

I think this week many of us hit a wall. So many moms wrote to me telling me they don’t have a moment to themselves. ⁣

  • Yes, they know exercising would help them feel better but how do you move amongst toys everywhere? ⁣

  • Yes, they know eating nourishing foods will make them feel more alive but what happens when they forget about themselves after preparing a million snacks every single day? ⁣

  • Yes, they know meditating would help keep them calm and give them more patience but how can they find time to meditate when they don’t even get a moment of peace going to the bathroom? ⁣

So today’s Cozy Sunday Meditation is for every mom who is doing it all and doesn’t get a moment to herself. This meditation is 1 minute long and only requires you to close your eyes wherever you are - standing, sitting, lying down. A few deep breaths to check in with yourself what you need in this moment and you are ready to go!