Let's Get Back Into A Routine Together!

It's so nice to let go of schedules for the summer, to cancel bedtime, extracurricular activities, and school functions, and instead just wake up and decide what you want to do today with your kids.

It's all fun... until it's not.

Until you get to the point when you can't eat another meal on the road, when you need an early bedtime for your sanity, and when you need to drop them off at school so your brain can get a break from the non-stop questions.

Routines are great to be broken for a while.

But routines also make us thrive.

As moms, we never get a break.

And routines for our kids and ourselves at least help us set ourselves up to find 20 minutes of me-time throughout the day.

It might be a while since you've moved your body - and that's ok!

Let's now re-commit ourselves to exercising, because you know you are a nicer human and mother when you do hit the mat.

Let's move together for 7 days to get back into a workout routine, to re-connect to our body, and to remember how strong we actually are.

Let's feel alive again together!

Come and join me.