Let's Slow Down

With the temperatures dropping and the year coming to an end, it is time to slow down in all areas of our lives. 

One thing I am excited about this year is that the holiday stress with all of its gatherings and parties and last-minute shopping are not going to take over the holiday season. Instead, I am looking forward to slowing down, being mindful on how and with who we spend our time this year, and hopefully just being able to enjoy bringing 2020 to a close. 

With that, I think it's also important to start to slow down in our bodies. The high intensity from the summer will slowly fade, and instead we are going to make space for moving more mindfully, slower, and calmer. Don't get this confused with not feeling the work - the burn will still be there... just a little slower. 

So from now on come and join the Live Community Class if you feel the need to actively slow your body down a little. 

The class is completely free, meant for all fitness levels, and combines Yoga, Pilates, and Barre. 

Just save your spot here to receive the Zoom link before class begins. 

Happy colder days!

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