New Cozy Sunday Meditations are here!

Sundays used to be my least favorite day of the week. Not because it meant the weekend was over but because I was too exhausted. Our weekends were always spent running around seeing a million people, doing all the things around the house, constantly having someone who needed something from me so there was never a moment to breathe. I couldn’t wait for Monday - for that moment when the house was quiet and even though I had plenty of work I needed to get done there was still that moment of stillness where I could take a deep breath and just hear my own mind and heart. ⁣

Well, even though the pace of life is a little slower, right now every day feels like Sunday!!! There is never a moment to breathe, think, or just be by myself. Someone is always around. Sooo I thought this would be the perfect time to start this new meditation series: Cozy Sunday Meditations. You can do them anytime and any day when you need a little mental break. All you need is to sit comfy or lie yourself down and you are ready to go. ⁣

This first meditation is shot on a very rainy day and it’s all about bringing some sunshine into your heart, body, and life. Enjoy!