Plant-Based Valentine's Day Recipes That Love You Back!

Love Bombs

Valentine's Day is around the corner and whether you love it or hate it, I think it's always a great reminder to start with self-love first. If you love yourself and take care of yourself, the world can love you, too!

I even made a video about this topic this week. Check it out here.

So when it comes to food for Valentine's Day, naturally I want to encourage you to make it delicious AND nourishing for your body. Taking care of your body with foods that make you feel good is a simple, yet very powerful act of self-love.

Try these yummy Valentine's Day recipes this year:

Pink Lattes

Pink pancakes with strawberry rose chia jam

Vanilla pear chia pudding

Raw raspberry chocolate cups

Beetroot chocolate cupcakes with vanilla caramel frosting

Gooey chocolate mug cake

Happy Valentine's Day and much love,

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