Ready to adapt to the new "normal"?

Do you remember that feeling of complete loneliness and isolation the first weeks after you came home with your newborn? Even though there was another human attached to you 24/7 you felt alone, overwhelmed, under-supported, and over-exhausted.

Yup, that is pretty much what 2020 has felt like to me and I am pretty sure you feel the same way. Even though we are all stuck at home with other humans and possibly some furry friends around, we still feel alone and isolated from our friends, extended family, our social network, and our work place. No one knows how to deal with this time because it hasn't been here before. We are all so ready for things to go back to "normal" but what is "normal"? For the unforeseeable future, THIS is our new normal and the faster we embrace it, work with it, and adapt to it, the better, stronger, and healthier we will come out of 2020 and this pandemic. No one wants to be too exhausted to finally hit the spa when it opens back up again, am I right?

It's time to set in place a new routine, a new way to deal with our lack of space, and to take care of our own health and immune system. 2020 will not get us down!

Drumroll please.

It's time for Wellness Week for moms all around the world. For one week we will have daily live lessons where you will learn:

  • How your immune system actually works.

  • The top foods to support your immune system.

  • The 3 things holding you back from having more energy.

  • How to create little pockets of time for much-needed you-time.

  • The 3 top self-care tools you can do anytime and anywhere.

  • How to organize your kitchen life so you are not doing dishes all day long.

  • How to keep the little people happier without being their personal chef.

  • And so much more!

We kick off September 7th. Are you ready to have energy again and to finish 2020 strong? Join right here.


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