#selflovejanuary is kicking off tomorrow!

Don't you sometimes wish your body came with a manual? That way you wouldn't be surprised by sudden red stains on your white wedding dress (yes, I got my period on my wedding day!), the extreme mood swings you might be having, and the wish to kill someone in your life just before the release of your period comes.

If we were told in school that our cycles are a superpower rather than something to be ashamed of (who here has hidden a box of tampons under a magazine at the cashier?!), we would be unstoppable.

Just because we don't have the same hormone rhythms as men, doesn't mean we can't be productive, assertive, or critical. We aren't JUST emotional (I hate that word but here it is - the label that usually gets slapped on women). When we understand our own cycle better, we know what to plan ahead for in our lives. I try to avoid planning big parties on the day I will start bleeding, and I try to put all my important meetings around my ovulation.

Your menstrual cycle influences your energy levels, your mood, your overall health, your productivity, and how your life flows. Once you know what phase of your menstrual cycle you are in, you understand how to plan your life for optimal flow.

Come and join me for #selflovejanuary over on my Instagram. There I will be sharing tips and tricks all around your menstrual cycle.

Let's do this! We kick off tomorrow.

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