Start Slowly After A Long Break

The summer break is officially over and I am exhausted!

I am mourning the days when I could just take a nap without any guilt, eat dinner as late as we wanted to, and have endless conversations with friends while our kids ran around in the dark way past bedtime.

I am dreading coming back to reality where the pandemic is still a really real thing, where school protocols seem overwhelming to me (how must our kids be feeling if we can barely cope?!), and going back to in-person exercise classes seems to be moving further and further away again.

I am exhausted by the state of our world and the lack of control that I seem to have with my mask wearing and social distancing.

I have recently shared on my Instagram that I am no longer looking at Covid statistics because they suck the life out of me.

And while it may seem crazy to just live in complete oblivion, I at least feel like I have energy to come back to life again.

To create new programs for you, and help support you to thrive in your own life.

I can't keep obsessing over a pandemic where I can't change anything.

And so instead I am choosing to obsess with helping you!

So here we are.

I have been busy creating new exercise videos for you to move from home - slowly, gently, to help you get back into the swing of things.

I would love to hear from you, what do you need help with right now in order to feel more alive?

Just comment below.

I know for some of us, we need intensity in our workouts to feel alive like a hundred burpees to get our heart racing.

But what if that intensity is the exact thing keeping us from starting to exercise again?

Because it just seems to overwhelming, too much work, a mountain too big to overcome?

So let's start slowly together.

Let's focus on gently waking our body back up to feeling alive with a slow flow.

Join me for 15 minutes on the mat.


P.S.: For more delicious flows - slow and fast - hop on over to my monthly membership site Move with Martina.