That was close!

Welcome to today's new video! This was a close one! Every week on Instagram I ask you what video you would like, and it looked like Pilates was going to be the one... and in the end Barre won the race.

So here we go, a brand new Classic Barre video is here. All you need is a chair to set your lower body on fire (a kitchen countertop, the back of a sofa, or a wall will do, too!).

If you've never done Barre before, don't worry, you do not need to be an expert dancer in order to follow along with these simple moves that will work your entire lower body.

And if you were super keen on the Classic Pilates video, don't worry! I will release it in two weeks so make sure you check back or simply subscribe to my YouTube channel or Instagram.

Until then, stay healthy and keep moving.


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