The podcast that got me through nursing marathons

I was three months postpartum and had just moved to the USA. I was new to everything - the lines at the DMV, fresh air (I came from China!), baseball games, and podcasts. Yes, I had heard of podcasts before but there was no way to download any in China. And so one morning while nursing Baby Zand and scrolling through my phone I stumbled upon the podcast app and thought "why not give it a try?"

I looked in the health and wellness section since I figured there might be something I would enjoy there, and I stumbled upon On Air With Ella. I subscribed, and suddenly Ella was my constant companion while being stuck in Bay Area traffic, during late-night nursing marathons, and Sunday kitchen preps. I honestly think Ella ruined all other podcasts for me! Her quick wit, her complete transparency with her own struggles, and the amazing guests she has with so much wisdom around all topics of health - I fell in love! And through her I got introduced to so many of my favorite health brands and my wallet is mad at her for my Living Libations addiction.

This month was a total dream came true. I was able to contribute to her 21 days of movement challenge on her Instagram. What an honor! And if you wonder, she really is so cool and like a best friend one-on-one.

If you have never heard her podcast, you must find her right now wherever you listen to podcasts. She took a couple of years off but is back stronger and with amazing topics such as binge eating, EFT tapping for anxiety and stress, and conquering overwhelm - all the good stuff we need for this crazy year.

And if you are keen to watch the videos I provided for her movement challenge, find them here:

What a dream come true this month has been! Thanks Ella.


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