Everyday Detox Community Bundle


This bundle is the ultimate starter to detox your body, your kitchen, and your life. You will learn the how and why of detox in the Everyday Detox ebook, you can cook delicious recipes for your whole family from the Everyday Detox Cookbook, and you will receive support from me personally as well as from our Everyday Detox Community in our community group. This bundle will set you up for the ultimate guided detox where you don't have to feel overwhelmed with so much detox information coming your way. I am holding your hand through this every step of the way! If you know you need someone to hold you accountable to make any changes in your life then this bundle is for you. 


In the Everyday Detox Community Group we will tackle a detox project every week for 4 weeks. There will be bonus recipes, plus two live tea chats (or coffee if you prefer) with me where you can ask any and all burning questions around detoxing, nutrition, and life. 


You will receive one email per week with all the tasks and the bonus recipes. You can join the exclusive Facebook Everyday Detox Community Group, where I will share some of my own everyday behind-the-scenes. Plus I am excited to see what other tips and tricks all of you can share with me. 


The group will kick off on October 28th and spots are limited, so grab yours now. The live calls will be recorded in case you can’t make them: 

October 29 noon PST and November 19 noon PST 


Group start date: October 28th

Group end date: November 24th


You will have lifetime access to the group and the weekly tasks so you can take this at your own pace in case these exact four weeks are when your family is visiting, your work project is due, and you are throwing a massive birthday party. 

Everyday Detox Community Bundle - ebook, Cookbook, and the Community Group

  • When you purchase this bundle, you will receive: 

    • the Everyday Detox for Busy Moms ebook
    • the Everyday Detox Cookbook
    • the Everday Detox Community starter pack

    As soon as you have purchased the bundle you will be able to download all the documents. You will also receive a confirmation email with the download link, which is good for 30 days so make sure to save all the ebooks. 

    You will have lifetime access to the Community group and the weekly tasks, so you can take this at your own pace. 

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