Everyday Detox for Busy Moms 

Support your body's own detox systems to balance hormones, have more energy, and keep weight off without the struggle


It is finally here! The Everyday Detox ebook is not your usual 5-day-cleanse to lose all the weight you've ever gained. It is not going to get you bikini ready by next weekend, nor is it going to make you poop your pants. This ebook is for everyone who is tired of their yoyo-ing weight, who wants to eat healthier but doesn’t know how to, and who is overwhelmed by all the wellness information out there and has no clue where to start.


This is not only a book about the why and the how of detoxing but a book about my personal struggles with food, my frustrations with the diet industry, and how I lost 15kgs/33lbs and have never re-gained them (well, except in pregnancy but that doesn’t count since I was growing a human being with crazy hair). Most importantly, this is a book for moms. Moms who don’t have time for self-care. Moms who don’t want to cook two separate meals for dinner every night. Moms who struggle with their energy levels running after their little ones. You are all supermoms to me, and you deserve an ebook purely dedicated to your wellbeing. It is not selfish to want to feel and look good. It is essential to start feeling and looking better today, because how many more years until the kids are off to college and you can finally dedicate some time to yourself again? That is unacceptable! 


In this ebook I share a lot of tips and tricks with you around how to support your body’s own detox systems better. This is not a diet you’re going to go on for a couple of weeks. This is a lifestyle, a mindset that applies to your meals at home, out in restaurants, and while you’re traveling. There is a buffet of self-care tips in this ebook, and I am sure at least one or two of them will speak to you and get you excited about getting your own glow back. And the best part is that all tips are family friendly, meaning you can make meals for the entire family (chocolate cookies anyone?!) and you can teach your kids about tongue scraping at a very young age. It's a win for everyone! Go on, you know you deserve it. 


Accompanying the Everyday Detox ebook is the Everyday Detox Cookbook with over 40 delicious recipes that help support your body's own detox systems. There will be no lack of delicious and nourishing food in your kitchen ever again! 


With so much love, 



Everyday Detox for Busy Moms ebook & Cookbook

  • You will receive two ebooks for the price of one: 

    • The Everyday Detox for Busy Moms ebook and 
    • The Everyday Detox Cookbook

    They are kept as seperate files for your convenience so you have an easier time scrolling to the recipes you want to be making on a daily basis. 

    After purchase you can immediately download the ebooks, and you will also receive a link to download them in your inbox. If you have any problems downloading these, please feel free to email me anytime hello@martinazand.com. Keep them safe! Your email link will work for 30 days so make sure to save the two ebooks.