New video: exercises to ease lower back pain

April 27, 2018


These last few weeks have been intense for my back carrying around Baby Zand and her cast everywhere. No matter how much I tried to focus on my core, and making sure to shift her from side to side, I always inevitably ended up balancing her on my hip - the worst kind of alignment for the back. And so it was just a matter of time until my back was going to completely give out. The last few weeks have been spent in pain whenever I moved, and to counteract all of this I added more stretches and opening moves to my exercise routine. Today I have put together my favorite exercises for you to ease lower back pain. All you need is a mat, and 15 minutes to feel more open, lighter, and limber. The new video is now up on YouTube.



I hope this helps you with easing pain. Please let me know below in the comments if there is a exercise routine you would like me to tape for you. I would love to help you! 


Have a wonderful weekend, 





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