Some of my favorite things...

On this page you will find some of my favorite things that I have mentioned in blog posts or on social media. Since I get a lot of questions, I thought I would make things easier, and compile them all here for you to see :-) Enjoy the browsing - and maybe the shopping! 

Some of these links may give me a commission which helps to keep the blog completely advertisement free - always! If that is ok for you, then it is ok for me :-).

For the kitchen

My favorite kitchen machine! ​

A great slow juicer, which won't cost you an arm and a leg. 

I know it sounds ridiculous but don't mock it 'til you've tried it! 

I've tried them all but this is the only bottle that keeps your drink warm and doesn't spill it all into your bag.

I use these to freeze my green smoothie packs while eliminating plastic. 

Superfoods, supplements, and more... 

Raw cacao powder to mix into oatmeal, smoothies, and make raw chocolate. 

Maca powder is my favorite hormone balancer.

This green powder comes with me on all my travel.

Try making these raw Christmas chocolates with the raw cacao butter. 

Acai bowls, smoothies or just mixed into water for an extra vitamin boost. 

Use spirulina in smoothies for energy and immune boost. ​

Use these cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips. 

The queen of superfoods: goji berries. 

My favorite morning vitamins to help me grow my nails and hair. ​

Chia seeds for pudding, breakfast, bread, all day long! 

I rave about the benefits of Udo's oil all the time, try it for yourself! 

My favorite evening vitamin for better sleep. 

The Vitamin B12 I use every day. ​

Things you need for your life ASAP

Period-proof underwear that has changed my life. Click here to get $10 off! ​


Everything for baby...

Who wants to put petroleum on their skin? Not for my baby!

If you do baby led weaning, these are a must - especially when eating out.​

My French midwife used to rave about French diaper cream. I agree, better than wet wipes!

Healthy teeth - healthy baby! Baby Zand loves to chew on this herself. 

The softest, cuddliest swaddles you will ever wrap around baby. And they double great as a scarf :-) 

Sophie La Girafe is a must for every baby. This size is perfect to go in the diaper bag.

Stay put suction bowl and plate made out of bamboo instead of plastic. 

Safe knives to the get the little ones involved in the kitchen.

Are you even a parent if you haven't sucked your child's snot?